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((Real World Update: A Lovely Surprise For Me!))

First off, I apologize to everyone that this isn't a chapter update--I just couldn't not (yay double negatives!) share this with you!

One of my readers on FanLib where I have TSIK posted (it's also at fanfiction.net, harrypotterfanfiction.com, and grangerenchanted.net as well ^^) decided that she wanted to make a video series based on the story, theorizing what might happen when Hermione has to leave // runs into Sirius in her 3rd year at Hogwarts and doesn't know him yet. Her name is Audacious200, and here's a link to the videos!

Click Me For Playlist!
Video 1 || Video 2 || Video 3 || Video 4

First off, I just LOVE the use of Bonnie Wright's Ginny as a double for Lily in the first video--and the idea of using Harry and Hermione's conversation on the bridge as James and Hermia talking? AWESOME. I liked the music (though video 3's music threw me a tad cause it was upbeat hehe), and quite a few times the images really resonated with me. On the whole, I liked #2 and #4 the best. Star Wars scrolling makes me giggle like a fangirl (though now my eyes hurt a tad, colored text can be hard to read sometimes), I have to say!

Still, how cool is this, that someone was willing to go through *that* much effort for these <3. Thank you again, if you come across this post, Audacious200!


Aw, cute! And yet, depressing. With the sound off, I imagine it has a neat typewriter sound effect / Star Wars theme song. Am a dork.

What a nice gift.

Loved the effort put into these as this is one of my all time favorite novel length fics. I too enjoyed Bonnie as Lily and Dan as James.

Heartbreaking with Sirius being so much older (looking even older then his years due to his time in Azkaban) and Hermia being even younger.