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darsynia in tsik_inscribed

A Thank You...

I've wanted to thank those that nominated this story for an award at Quill to Parchment (qtp_awards), but I felt like it was a conflict because I co-mod the site with lilbreck. Now that the Round One winners have been announced, I'm totally flattered to announce that Then Shall I Know won the Overall Judges' Choice! *shows off her pretty*

A huge thanks to those of you that have supported this story through my ups and downs! I know I disappoint by not updating as often as I should, and I won't excuse myself for that, though I do hope to break that trend. I'm heading to college in less than a month, something I have been wanting to do for years, and that may limit my time more, but my degree is going to be in writing, so we'll all benefit from that *wink*

Thanks again for the nominations!


ps. Round Two will begin August 1st, if anyone wants to nominate their favorite stories (whether or not they're by me *grin*). Keep an eye on qtp_awards and Quill to Parchment's Main Site.


Your welcome and congrats ^^ I love your story!

Good luck at college!
Hehe, thank you! I am getting excited!!
well of course it won!
that story is bloody amazing, i love it to pieces! can't wait to read the next installement!
Aww thankya! Am having major family drama atm, it shouldn't be as hard to write a followup to a chapter with...family drama! *headdesk*
Aw, I hope your family drama has resolved itself. I've got my own at the moment, it's no fun. You've got my thoughts.
Can't wait to get Book 7, and can't wait until your next chapter of course...they're always worth the wait :)
Oh...I don't know if you know of Marta(seviet), but she did the artwork in both the icons I use...and she just posted some new stuff...and I saw her portraits of the Mauraders...and damn, they look JUST like I would picture them..especially Sirius, I love her depiction of him. Check them out :)
(scroll down about 1/2 way to see the ones I'm talking about).